1. What does wafarle.com do?
    Wafarle is “Your exclusive Zone for offers and discounts ”, bringing for you the exclusive deals, discounts and offers round the globe. We are passionate about bringing you the best deals, those that we would want ourselves. Get deals through the Internet on our website, on your mobile via SMS or via our upcoming mobile app. 

  2. What does 'Wafarle' mean?
    Wafarle = save your money  and time, and provide you all your needs.

  3.  Who's behind wafarle.com?
    Wafarle is owned by “First Choice Promoting & Marketing”.

  4. Where is wafarle.com located?
    Wherever you are, your very own, Wafarle follows you. What ever you need, wherever you need we are there. But as a physical entity we are based in Muscat, Salalah, Sohar - Oman.

  5. There's this deal I like. What do I do?
    If you like a deal, it is exclusively for you. Click the ‘buy’ link and you get the deal in your shopping cart. Once you check-out your cart, you get the deal in your mailbox, an SMS in your mobile and your account page on Wafarle.com You can take out the printout or show the mail to the merchant / service / seller to redeem the deal.

  6. Do I need to register to buy the deal?
    Yes this is your zone and the steps to get in are very few, so just provide your name, email id and your mobile number and we are there exclusively for you to show you the magic of Wafarle.

  7. Do I need to use the voucher the day I get it?
    Each deal has an expiry date mentioned, and needs to be used before that. So read the term and conditions carefully to redeem the deal.

  8. Can I gift a Wafarle deal to my friend or family ?
    Yes! Unless the deal terms and conditions specify otherwise, the deal is yours and you can surely share your Zone.

  9. Are there any terms & conditions for buying deals?
    Each deal page shows the Highlights, offers Details, Validity, What you get and Terms & Conditions. Read them carefully before you purchase the deal. 

  10. What payment options do I have?
    MasterCard/Visa credit cards, all debit cards, net banking, Itz cash card, Oxicash, cash on delivery and directly through your Mobile account on the WAP site. It’s your zone, and we like you to pay however you want.

  11. Can I order by phone?
    Oh yes! Please call our customer service at 92350088

  12. How do I contact the customer care team?

Anytime between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday

HOTLINE : + (968) 9235 0088